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Install Dataplane

Minimum requirements for local installation

Install with Docker

  1. Download the docker-compose.yaml file
curl -LfO ''
  1. Run using docker-compose v2
docker-compose up

For first time setup, follow the get started process at: http://localhost:9001/webapp/get-started

To use Dataplane, go to http://localhost:9001/webapp/

Install with Kubernetes Minikube

This installation is designed for a local running instance of Minikube.

  1. Download the combined Kubernetes deployment yaml file which includes the following
    • TimescaleDB
    • NATS
    • Dataplane Python workers (3 replica cluster)
    • Dataplane main app (3 replica cluster)
curl -LfO ''
Custom Kubernetes setup

You can find and change any of the separate Kubernetes yaml files here:

  1. Deploy the Kubernetes yaml file
kubectl apply -f dataplane-k8s-combined.yaml
  1. Ingress for local access

Obtain the ingress IP address and add that to the /etc/hosts.

# Get IP address
kubectl get ingress

# Edit /etc/hosts
sudo nano /etc/hosts

# Add this line and replace with the IP address of your ingress.

Go to