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Configure Dataplane

These environment variables can be used to configure Dataplane.

Environment variables common across Dataplane and workers

Environment variableDescription
secret_db_hostHost of the Postgresql database
secret_db_userUser for connection to Postgresql database
secret_db_pwdPassword for connection to Postgresql database
secret_db_sslOne of disable, allow, prefer, require, verify-ca, verify-full -
secret_db_portDatabase port
secret_db_databaseDatabase name, default dataplane
secret_jwt_secretGenerate a UUID secret for JWT. It is important that you keep this secret safe. To create a secret, you can use an online generator for example
secret_encryption_keyGenerate a 32 charater long random password. It is important you keep this password safe. You can use an online generator for example

Environment variables specifc to Dataplane

Environment variableOptionsExampleDescription
DP_DATABASE"timescaledb", "postgresql"timescaledbDetermines whether to use Timescaledb hyper tables for logging
DP_PORT9000Run Dataplane on server port. Default 9000.
DP_NATSnats://nats:4222, nats://nats-r_1:4222Connection string to NATS
DP_MODE"development", "production"developmentDevelopment mode allows for first time setup.
DP_DEBUG"true", "false"falsePrint debug logs to console. Recommended to turn off in production.
DP_DB_DEBUG"true", "false"falsePrint database debug logs to console.
DP_MQ_DEBUG"true", "false"falsePrint message queue debug logs to console.
DP_METRIC_DEBUG"true", "false"falsePrint CPU and memory metrics debug logs to console.
DP_SCHEDULER_DEBUG"true", "false"falsePrint scheduler debug logs to console.
DP_CLEANTASKS_DAYS60Number of days to keep historical tasks
DP_REMOVELOGS_DAYS60Number of days to keep run logs